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Baws Clothing : Baws Bear

What is the meaning behind BAWS?
Being BAWS is easier said then done because it isn't something you can just do, it is something that is inside of you, it is something you were born with. Being BAWS is a way of life, a way of thinking and a way of doing.  BAWS is that person you look up to. BAWS is that person you never forget about. BAWS is about taking risk and chance on themselves when no one else believes in them. BAWS is someone who doesn't take NO for an answer. BAWS is someone who gets the job done no matter what. BAWS Isn't normal, but also isn't different, because BAWS is who we are and we do not change for anyone. BAWS is thinking outside of the box. BAWS never settles for less. You know that person that sticks out in a crowd of 1,000 people? That's BAWS right there for you. So my question to you is..... ARE YOU BAWS? 
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