About Us

At XGear101.com we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reputable online clothing store for sneakerheads. Founded in 2010, we have over 10+ years of experience in the sneaker industry. Our passion for sneakers has led us to become one of the largest sneaker clothing online stores.

We are know for our selection along with the quality of our products. Most of are garments are screen printed which is the highest quality printing you can get done on a shirt. We are also know for our quick shipping as most of the products we have on our website are already made in stock ready to ship. That was a big transition we did back in 2022 when we brought everything in house and started handling our own fulfillment.

Some of our in house brands we offer are: Baws Clothing, Bored Saul, Yapes Clothing and Crazy Craniyum.

Our main headquarters is based in Houston, Texas, where we operate out of a 6,000 sq ft warehouse. We manufacture, pack and ship most of our products out of our Houston location. We work with a handful of vendors on the west coast, who drop ship products for us directly to your front door. We have a wide range of products and sizes, catering to both kids and adults, with our shirts ranging from Small to 5XL. We also offer a range of different prices on our shirts. We try to have a price range that can fit anyone's budget. We strive to have something for everyone, and we work hard to keep our inventory fresh and up-to-date with with future sneaker releases.

See here at XGear101.com we are not just a store, we have our own brands, we also sell our brands to other stores. We also are not just a store that sells our own brands products, we produce our own products. We have full control over the whole operation to make sure you are getting the best quality products there is to offer for sneaker clothing. From the order the blanks, to overseeing production of our products, to packing and shipping, we do it all. We feel this is the only way it should ever be done or it's not being done right.

We wouldn't say we are the pioneers of the sneaker clothing business, but we were one of the first ones in it. We learned alot from our early years of mistakes and even others mistakes and took it up a notch. This is why our products are far more superior then what this market has to offer for sneaker clothing at other stores.

The 3 main things we focus on the most is Quality, Customer Service and our Customer's Experience when shopping with us. We feel this is the heart of our business.

We try to stay ahead of the game with sneaker clothing for the latest drops and for shoes that have not released yet.

If you ever see shoes are mocked up with our clothing, this is to show you what matches that particular shoe. Shoes do not come with any purchases. We are not associated or affiliated with Nike, Adidas or New Balance. We simply sell independent clothing brands products that are inspired to match Nike, Adidas and New Balance shoes colorways.

If you have any questions or issues please contact us by email or the chat button in the bottom right corner of our website. 

Email: Jay@XGear101.com
Mailing Address: X Gear 101 LLC, 5614 W Grand Parkway South, Suite 102-212, Richmond Texas 77406, USA

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