About Us

At XGear101.com, we take pride in our role as a trusted online store catering to sneakerheads. Established in 2010, we boast over a decade of experience in the sneaker industry. Our passion for sneakers has driven us to become one of the leading online destinations for sneaker clothing.

With over 45,000 reviews, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every interaction and transaction.

Known for our extensive selection and commitment to quality, most of our garments feature high-quality prints. We are also recognized for our efficient shipping process, thanks to our strategy of manufacturing orders on-demand.

Among our exclusive brands are Baws Clothing, Sneaker Tees, Kuzzo Clothing, and Crazy Craniyum. Headquartered in a 6,000 sq ft warehouse in Houston, Texas, we handle manufacturing, packing, and shipping from this central location. Additionally, we collaborate with West Coast vendors who drop ship products directly to customers.

Our product range caters to all ages and sizes, from Small to 6XL, offering various price points to accommodate diverse budgets. We strive to maintain a dynamic inventory that aligns with upcoming sneaker releases.

We're more than just a store—we create and distribute our own brands, ensuring top-notch quality control throughout the production and shipping process. Drawing from our early industry experiences, we continuously elevate our products, setting a higher standard for sneaker clothing.

While we weren't the first in the sneaker clothing business, we are indeed the best, we've learned from past mistakes and refined our approach, delivering superior products compared to others in the market.

Our core values revolve around Quality, Customer Service, and ensuring a positive Customer Experience. We're dedicated to staying ahead in the sneaker clothing scene, providing apparel that complements both the latest drops and upcoming shoe releases.

Please note, any images showcasing our clothing alongside shoes are for style inspiration only; shoes are not included with purchases. XGear101.com is independently operated and not affiliated with Nike, Adidas, or New Balance.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email or through the chat feature on our website.