How to Style Sneaker Tees to Match Jordan’s

How to Style Sneaker Tees to Match Jordan’s

The functional athletic footwear, Sneakers, have become a fashion statement, with Jordan sneakers leading the way in streetwear style. When you own a pair of fresh Air Jordans, it's essential to complete your look with the right apparel, and that's where sneaker tees come into play. In this blog, we'll explore how to style sneaker tees to match your Jordans for an ultimate streetwear vibe.

The Art of Sneaker Tees

Sneaker tees, also known as sneaker hoodies or sneaker shirts, are specially designed to complement your sneakers and add a stylish touch to your outfit. We've handpicked some fantastic options from to illustrate the art of styling your Jordans.

  • Hoodie to match the Jordan 3 Fear 3s 

This bold and vibrant hoodie features an Orange "Cash Money Baws" design that will pair perfectly with the classic Air Jordan 3 Fear 3s shoes. The contrasting colors make your sneakers pop, and the hoodie's edgy design adds a streetwise vibe.

  • Hoodie to match the Jordan Gratitude 11s

When you're rocking a pair of the Jordan 11 Gratitude 11s or any white and gold-accented Jordan model, this hoodie is the ideal choice. The Gold Metallic "Cash Money Baws" design on a white hoodie to match your kicks, making for an eye-catching ensemble.

  • Hoodie to match the Jordan 11 Gratitude 11s 

For a more subtle, family-friendly look, consider this hoodie. The Gold Metallic "Family Baws" design on a white hoodie suits a wide range of Jordans, especially the Gratitude 11s. This hoodie maintains a classy and clean appearance while ensuring your sneakers remain the focal point.

  • Hoodie to match the Jordan What the 5s

The Grinch Health hoodie is perfect for those who already own a pair of the Jordan Retro 5 What the 5s shoes. The black hoodie, featuring a red and neon green colorway, will seamlessly blend with your kicks. It's all about keeping the theme strong and consistent.

  • Less Talk Matching Sneaker Hoodie to Match Burgundy 5s

This Maroon hoodie is designed to match various Jordan models with maroon accents. Whether you're wearing the Air Jordan 5 "Burgundy" or any other maroon-themed Jordans, this hoodie ensures a cohesive look. Remember, less talk, more style!

How to Wear Jordans Without Creasing Them

Now, let's address a common concern for sneaker enthusiasts: creasing. Jordans are known for their sleek and pristine appearance, so keeping them crease-free is a must. Here are some tips on how to wear Jordans without creasing them:

  • Proper Sizing: Make sure your Jordans fit snug but not too tight. Proper sizing reduces unnecessary movement inside the shoe, which can lead to creasing.
  • Use Sneaker Shields: Sneaker shields can be placed inside your Jordans to maintain their shape and prevent creasing.
  • Alternate Pairs: If you own multiple pairs of Jordans, rotate them. Wearing the same pair daily can lead to creasing. Give each pair time to "breathe."
  • Lace Locks: Using lace locks or lacing your sneakers tightly can help distribute pressure across the shoe's upper, reducing creasing.
  • Walk Mindfully: Be conscious of how you walk. Avoid dragging your feet or bending your toes excessively while wearing Jordans.

Enhance Your Streetwear Look

Styling your Jordans with the right sneaker tees enhances your overall streetwear look. With options like those from, you can effortlessly match your sneakers to your outfit. Just remember to take care of your beloved Jordans so they stay crease-free and fresh for as long as possible. 

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